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Product name is a brand's identification of a product, often a model name, but not totally unique as it can include some product variants. Product name is a key part of the Icecat product title on a product data-sheet.
Satellite 5100-603
Produktkode :
Mærkets unikke id for et produkt. Flere varekoder kan knyttes til en hoved produkt kode, hvis specifikationerne er identiske. Vi kortlægger ukorrekte koder eller undertiden logistiske varianter.
Kategori :
A notebook, also known as laptop, is a portable computer. When you are looking for the right notebook, it is important to know where you are going to work with it. Do you want to use it on the road? Choose a model with a special energy-saving \'mobile\' processor, a good battery and a reasonably small display. This will allow you to work longer with the same battery and saves you the trouble of carrying around a large display that consumes a lot of precious battery power. Or will you be using you notebook mainly in places where you will have access to a power outlet? Then choose a desktop processor (more processing power for less money) and an ordinary battery. This will save you a lot of money, which you could then spend on a bigger screen. You\'ll work faster because you can view more information at once and it\'s great for multimedia!
bærbare computere og notebooks
Datablad kvalitet: skabt af Toshiba
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På markedet siden: 27 jun 2005
Datoen Icecat flrst bemærkede at dette product blev inkluderet i en kanal partners prisliste
Information ændret d: 11 jul 2016 16:16:00
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Produktvisninger: 22023
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Marketing tekst Toshiba Satellite 5100-603

Den officielle marketing tekst af Toshiba Satellite 5100-603 som er leveret af producenten
High-end multimedia notebook
Kort opsummerende beskrivelse Toshiba Satellite 5100-603:
Denne korte opsummering af %%titel%% data-sheet er en auto-generet som er baseret på produkt titlen og de første seks nøgle specikationer.
Toshiba Satellite 5100-603, NVIDIA, 1600 x 1200 pixel, Not supported, 330 x 296 x 47,6 mm, 1,600 x 1,200 pixel
Lang opsummerende beskrivelse Toshiba Satellite 5100-603:
Dette er en lang auto-generet beskrivelse af %%titel%% som er baseret på de første tre specifikationer i de første 5 gruppe specifikationer.
Toshiba Satellite 5100-603. Processor frekvens: 1,9 GHz, Processor front bus: 400 Mhz. Samlet lagringskapacitet: 60 GB. Skærmdiagonal: 38,1 cm (15"), Skærmopløsning: 1600 x 1200 pixel, HD type: Not supported. Maksimum grafikkort hukommelse: 0,064 GB. Batterilevetid (maks.): 2 t, Batteriets ydelse: 10,8 mAh
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Processor frekvens*
The speed that the microprocessor executes each instruction or each vibration of the clock. The CPU requires a fixed number of clock ticks, or cycles, to execute each instruction. The faster the clocks rate, the faster the CPU, or the faster it can execute instructions. Clock Speeds are usually determined in MHz, 1 MHz representing 1 million cycles per second, or in GHz, 1 GHz representing 1 thousand million cycles per second. The higher the CPU speed, the better a computer will perform.
1,9 GHz
Processor front bus
A computer communications interface used to connect the processor to the rest of the computer, except the cache (and possibly other processors).
400 Mhz
If present, storage capacity of Floppy Disk Drive (FDD). Standard is 1.44MB for 3.5" diskettes. Often the FDD is not included in PCs or notebooks, and is at most optional. Optional drives are often connected via an external port like the USB port.
1,44 MB
Harddisk antal disk
Harddisk højde
9,5 mm
Diskette drev maksimal overførselshastighed
500 Kbit/s
Diskette drev media understøttet
8,89 cm (3.5")
Diskettedrev, omdrejningshastighed
300 rpm
Samlet lagringskapacitet*
The total amount of data that can be stored on the device.
60 GB
Size of the display for this product, measured diagonally, usually in inches.
38,1 cm (15")
Resolution of the display for the system
1600 x 1200 pixel
HD type
Type of supported High Definition (e.g. Full HD, 4K Ultra HD).
Ikke understøttet
Skærmrespons stiger/falder
25 ms
LCD-lysstyrke (batteri, semi lys)
70 cd/m²
LCD-lysstyrke (batteri, lys)
120 cd/m²
LCD-lysstyrke (batteri, super lys)
170 cd/m²
LCD-lysstyrke (AC-adapter, lys)
120 cd/m²
LCD-lysstyrke (AC-adapter, super lys)
70 cd/m²
Maksimum grafikkort hukommelse
0,064 GB
Grafisk adapter, Åben GL support
Interne videofunktioner, maksimale antal farver
16,7 M
Grafisk adapter, bus hastighed
220 Mhz
Optisk drev
CD/DVD drev multi-ord DMA burst dataoverførselshastighed
16,6 MB/s
Lydsystem, fuld duplex
Lydsystem, direkte 3D lyd
Numerisk tastatur *
Small, palm-sized, seventeen key section of a computer keyboard, usually on the very far right. The numeric keypad features digits 0 to 9, addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*) and division (/) symbols, a decimal point (.) and Num Lock and Enter keys. Laptop keyboards often do not have a numpad, but may provide numpad input by holding a modifier key (typically labelled "Fn") and operating keys on the standard keyboard.
Antal taster på tastatur
Batterilevetid (maks.)
Maximum battery life. Mobile Mark™ (2002) is the standard often used to benchmark battery life time.
2 t
Batteriets ydelse
A measure of the charge stored by the battery. Determined by the mass of active material contained in the battery.
10,8 mAh
AC adapter, strøm
75 W
AC adapter output strøm
5 A
AC adapter output volt
15 V
Vægt og størrelse
Vægt *
Weight of the product without packaging (net weight). If possible, the net weight is given including standard accessories and supplies. Please note that sometimes the manufacturer leaves out the weight of accessories and/or supplies.
3,2 kg
AC adapter, vægt
340 g
Andre funktioner
Grafisk adapter familie
Mål (BxHxD)
Dimensions of the product (Width x Depth x Height).
330 x 296 x 47,6 mm
Fastnet hastighed
56 Kbit/s
Bytes pr. sektor
1,600 x 1,200 pixel
L2 cache
The CPU cache (Level 2) is a smaller, faster memory which stores copies of the data from the most frequently used main memory locations.
12 KB
Hardware and software that connects the main memory to the memory controller in computer systems. Originally, general-purpose buses like VMEbus and the S-100 bus were used, but to reduce latency, modern memory buses are designed to connect directly to DRAM chips, and thus are designed by chip standards bodies such as JEDEC.
64 Bit
Drevenhed, bufferstørrelse
A reserved segment of memory within a drive device that is used to hold the data being processed.
0,002 MB
Harddisk antal heads
Genoptag batteri-backup efter
2 t
Pris fra
Toshiba MS Office Professional Edition 2003 English BIOS Lock
Toshiba MS Office Professional Edition 2003 English BIOS Lock
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